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When you choose our moving company, you not only get a reliable transportation service but also access to a top-notch carpentry service. We understand that during a move, it’s common for some furniture or structures to require adjustments or repairs to fit perfectly in your new space.

Your move? No problems.

Our highly skilled team of carpenters is at your disposal to carry out any necessary work, from disassembling and reassembling furniture to designing and building custom solutions for your specific needs. Additionally, we offer restoration and repair services for antique or damaged furniture.

The advantage of having an integrated carpentry service in your move is that it saves you time and worries, as you won’t have to search for external carpenters. Everything is efficiently handled under one roof.

At Mudanzas Sánchez y Soria, we are committed to providing comprehensive and satisfactory solutions for your move. Trust our carpentry service to ensure that all your furniture and belongings arrive in perfect condition and ready for use in your new home or space. Simplify your move with us and take advantage of our carpentry expertise.

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